Importance of Using and Selecting the Best Oven Gloves

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Irrespective of whether you are a diehard baker or a novice at baking, oven gloves are a mandatory piece of equipment. To prevent yourself from any burns and accidental falling of hot utensils, you need a sturdy piece of gloves like the Aga oven gloves.

Importance of wearing oven gloves

Baking activities are inherently strenuous, and oven gloves can be the handiest and essential equipment available. This is because of several factors like –

•    Gloves protect your hand from the heat of the oven. If you are not wearing these gloves while taking out or inserting the baking trays, you are sure to scorch your hands which can be quite unpleasant and painful.

•    The gloves tend to give you a firmer grip while holding the baking tray than the grip you would have had while holding it with bare hands. Remember, the trays need to will take place in a certain manner so that they can be placed inside the oven successfully as well as taken out comfortably.

•    The comfort level of a glove is unparallel. It fits perfectly in our hands, and you feel at ease working with it. Mittens and napkins are not as comfortable, and there is always the danger of them slipping away and getting your hands burned.

These points highlight just how important an oven glove is while using the oven. One must always invest in a high quality, durable and reliable oven gloves.

Choosing the best material oven gloves

Today you can get oven gloves crafted of a variety of materials like cotton, silicone, space age heat resistant synthetic materials like Kevlar, Nomex, etc. The Silicone oven gloves are considered the best for daily home use requirements. Recommended even by the FDA, it has a number of attributes that make it stand out from the rest. Some of them are –

•    Manufactured from high-grade silicon, these gloves show a superior heat resistance even at high temperatures making it ideal for home use.

•    Conventional cloth mitts can easily get dirty and damp. If left like that or not washed properly, they become the fertile grounds for breeding disease-causing microorganisms which can easily contaminate the food. However, the silicone oven gloves have a non-porous and waterproof capability which eliminates all environments on which the bacteria can flourish.

It 's hard to avoid stains, spills, etc. in a kitchen. While cotton gloves can easily get stained, they also prove a daunting task to remove them. In contrast, the silicone gloves are stain proof and thus are incredibly easy to clean and maintain.